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A person with higher medical education, treating patients. Children's doctor. Radiologist. Sanitary doctor. Chief physician of the hospital.

Source (printed version): Dictionary of the USAn language: In 4 volumes / RAS, Institute of linguistic. research; Ed. A.P. Evgenieva. - 4th ed., Erased. - M .: Rus. lang .; Polygraphs, 1999; (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library.

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Chief physician (in post-Soviet countries) - the head of a medical institution, a person with higher medical education. DOCTOR, a, m. A person with higher medical education, who treats patients. V. for internal medicine. Dental c. Veterinary c. (animal treatment specialist). District v. Woman-in.

her medical background. The field of activity of a dentist in dentistry is limited, but despite this, he can provide all types of first dental care.

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